Big Cats in the Wild

Ok, I know the title of this blog is about cat movies, but I couldn’t help but to have one blog post about National Geographic and the big cat shows that they broadcast. Isn’t it cool to see lions and tigers out in the wild preying on deer, gazelles, buffalo and other wild animals? I think so and every time one of those shows come on tv, I tune in and check it out! Now, my wife on the other hand really can’t stand them because of all the violence and such. But, she is still peaking over her shoulder when it comes on and checking it out nevertheless. My buddy over at moving company Roswell actually went on a safari a few years back and saw lions up close!

The last one that I saw involved a family of cats and they had the male lion and the cubs as well. So it was the mother, another couple of females, which were sisters of the mother, the dominate male, and a couple of cubs. Sometimes the dominate male will come in and actually kill the cubs if they are from another male and he is trying to take over a pride. Anyway, this family of lions basically teamed up and went after a crocodile that was laying on the shore of an African river! I was like, wait a minute turbo, the crocodile is in its domain there in the water and will take these lions with no problem, but the lions were hungry enough to go after it. And it wasn’t a small croc either, it had to be 12 to 15 feet long there sitting on the shore. After a long struggle and stand off Continue reading Big Cats in the Wild

Possessed Cat

Have you ever seen a possessed or demonic domestic cat? I believe that i have and it isn’t a pretty site.  This cat could literally have its own cat movie or tv series about crazy possessed cats. My friend bought this cat several years ago as a rescue kitten from a shelter or animal hospital of some sort, I forget the details. But, in a nutshell it must have went through a tough first few months of its life because it ended up being totally unpredictable,  sinister, always on the attack and has a hissing sound that sounds like he is ready to rip your face off.

My friend that works at Roofer Roswell, GA says that the movie “the conjuring” comes to mind when thinking about this cat for some reason. I guess it is its eyes, they are a brighter green color and have that look of true terror at all times. It really just doesn’t like humans for some reason and it may be because of the up bringing at the shelter for the first few months or something.

I remember this one time over at my friend’s (the cat owner) house, we were over for a night out on the town. A bunch of friends met at his place, and it is always a running joke, like, “Hey man, you put the cat away, right”? Haha, because everyone Continue reading Possessed Cat

Get on the Cat Train

Welcome to my new blog about cats and cat movies! This site will be about cat topics, the fun loving felines that about half of the population loves. Our first post is about domestic cats in general and the love/hate opinions humans have about them. I mean, you like cats, right? Well, I would hope so and that is the reason that you are here on this blog. It just seems that my friends either love them, or hate them for some reason, there really is no in between. One of my friends at Gutter Cleaning Atlanta GA doesn’t like cats at all he says. I guess the big difference between cats and dogs is the individuality and independence of the cat versus the dog. So, lets get into that…

There are people that love the independence of the cat and how they just go about their business every day without needing your affection all the time. Prancing around the room, playing with bugs, toys or whatever and then just disappearing for hours is normal. Whereas with a dog, they constantly need your attention, lick your face, and jump in your lap at every chance they get. Definitely big differences there for sure. The cat doesn’t need all of that affection and just basically wants to be left alone while it licks its paws, and scurry’s around here and there. Moral of the story is that Continue reading Get on the Cat Train